Thousands of Apps on iPhone Apps Store

iPhone apps store billion downloadSmart phones from all manufacturers have their proponents of the various apps you want to have for you particular phone model.  iPhone has touted the fact that there are literally thousands of apps available for the iPhone and the only thing that has kept it from becoming a virtual monopoly is that you can only get through AT&T.  Apple has tried to corner the market on apps and offers many thousands of apps through  While there are many other apps sites you can be assured that any app available on the iPhone apps store at is completely compatible with your iPhone.

In a previous article I stated that the apps for iPhones are categorized by type of application like Apps for Cooking, Apps for Music, Apps for Keeping Current and Apps for the Great Outdoors.  Apple posts some featured apps and has a link to show all of the apps in a particular category.  If you love to be outside and enjoy nature then you should check out the Apps for the Great Outdoors at the iPhone apps store.

The first featured app is for those who enjoy bird watching.  iBird Explorer Backyard is a guide with interactive features that allow you to search by shape, type of habitat, location and color amongst North American birds.  You can post any of your sightings on a satellite map on Birdpost.  Another app will allow you add Butterflies from around the world to your search parameters as well.

If you are a fan of beaches and the possibility of surfing on any particular day you can get Surf Report to give you the swell direction, surf height, tide and overall weather at hundreds of beaches around the world.  If your tastes run a bit colder you can get the Snow Report which gives you 24, 48 and 72 hour snow fall along with trail and lift closures at over two thousand resorts around the world.  You can even look at detailed trail maps at all of those resorts.

If enjoying a clear sky at night is your idea of a relaxing evening you should check out Star Walk.  This app will allow you to look up details about the stars you are looking at in the sky as well as looking at astral events that have happened in the past.  MoonPhase is another app that you can download that gives you lunar information like rising and setting times as well as its current position in the zodiac.

Another great app for the outdoors is MotionX GPS.  Whether you are enjoying the outdoors by bike, skis or boat you can map your trip and give you the distance traveled, speed and time.  You can take pictures and post them to your route and publish it on MotionX GPS.  If you are a photo buff and love the outdoors but do not have PhotoShop you can use Panorama to take a series of outdoor shots and then put them together to create a 360 degree view of what your are photographing.

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