The Top 5 Apps Download for iPhone 4

You might have waited long for your iPhone 4 to be in your hands and when it did come you had to face problems with issues of signal strength. Now that you own an iPhone in your hand, we will guide you which are the best 5 apps the world is downloading. There have been many listing done in the web which may be fake or absurd to promote their own apps but this is purely based on the counting of no times the apps have been downloaded. We will also let you know what these apps do and what is special in them.

Apple Store app on your iPhone 4 shows you the gateway to do all things directly from iPhone. You can buy Apple products, accessories, latest apps, and also read customers reviews. The best 5 downloads are as below:

1) iMovie

Apple iPhone 4 comes with a 5 mega pixel camera and you should make the most of its capabilities. IPhone 4 allows you to record videos in HD quality and share it directly with your friends and family members by just tapping on it. IMovie is the post popular app yet known. It gives users complete freedom to develop and edit personalized movies of their own choice. You can directly share movies through this phone to YouTube and other video sharing sites. Forget the old days when you need to transfer files to your computer for editing it, as iMovie gives you a complete platform to develop your own personalized movie. Import videos and organize it according to your own comfort. It supports drag and drop editing with erase options. You can also give titles, transitions and effects to make them look prettier. There’s also option to burn your final movie to DVD.

2) iBook

iPhone iBook

iPhone 4 makes a record to be the first phone to come compatible with iBook directly out form the box. It has iOS 4 which makes browsing faster and stunningly crisp. It has 3.5” retina display to make each page look clearer and sharper.

3) Pushr
There are not many apps in the Apple Apps store that allow you to directly upload Flickr photos. It was an injury which seemed to have filled with Pushr app. It allows you to select and then edit a lot of Flickr photos options. It allows users to edit the name, description, privacy option and tags of the Flickr photo before you could up load it to the Flickr account.

4) Tuneln Radio
Multitasking has come to the basket of IPhone 4 by which you can listen to the online radio while you do some of the business works. You can also run various apps like emails, games, etc. simultaneously. It has cost of £1.19.

5) Real Racing
Real Racing iPhone

Gaming has never been such joyful in palm. Your iPhone bring gaming to live. Adding more to excitement is the Real Racing Gaming App. It has been updated according to the iPhone 4. This racing game will make you jump out of your seat. It costs around £2.99.

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