Rainy Music: Perfectly Soothes Your Mood

Just relax! Stay tuned with your favourite music with rainy sounds at the background. This can be a tagline for the iPhone application Rainy Music. This is an amazing app that creates a wonderful surrounding and environment around you with soft rainy music. It perfectly suits your mood and helps one immensely get rid of all day to day activities. You will find that each and every moment is enjoyable with rainy music application. No matter whether you want to sleep calmly or take a rest the white rainy noise from this app will definitely help you in every way.

Rainy Music Screen

With its arrival this new application has definitely attracted many customers. Being cheap, this has a good position in the app store also. The developers and many users claim that if you use this app and listen to the music for 30 minutes then you will find yourself in another world. Certainly, it is the quality of music that matters the users much. Let us have a discussion on this a little more and dipper.

The latest version of this application is version 1.3. This offers an important update for iPhone4 retina display.

Here are some cool features that might interest you:

  • Enjoy the rainy weather to the fullest alone or with your partner if you want.
  • Play or pause the music instantly with single click.
  • One touch volume control and superb thunderstorm sound in backgroun1d.
  • Background that fully soothes your mood.
  • Easily choose playlist from iPod.
  • Day/night and auto rotate themes are also available.

The price of this application is set at $3. That is simply nothing in front of the comfort you are getting through the application. Users say that they just purchased this application with 3 bucks, but got satisfaction of some thousand dollars!!!

According to the surveys this will get 4.5 on 5.

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iTunes Link: http://bit.ly/rainy-music

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