Photo Apps for iPhone

If you own an iPhone and you constantly use your camera for taking pictures, you probably know that the camera feature is actually quite nice. So what a better way to take full advantage of that feature than to download some really useful photo apps. There are so many different photo apps for iPhone that it will have your head spinning, so because of this it’s been decided in this article you will discover 5 of some of the best photo apps that can be used with your iPhone. Each photo app will provide different benefits so choosing the right one will be determined by how much fun you like to have with your camera.

Photo Apps for iPhone

Christmas Frame

With this application you or your friends can become Santa Claus as well as any combination of Christmas holiday settings. Christmas Frame for iPhone allows you to take pictures and incorporate those shots with all types of different Christmas borders. There are 20 borders in all, and you will have the ability to select any picture you’ve taken from your camera and add it to any one of the boarders. You will even have the option to select a border while taking your picture and have the person already included.

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Camatrix takes iPhone camera to a new level by turning the world into green color edge image, Camatrix is driven by a professional edge-detection algorithm to render the digitalized world image, simple open Camatrix and you will see how the real world is transformed into digital world in realtime!

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If you like editing photo’s you will love everything Photogene has to offer. Editing becomes extremely easy and effective because you will have many of the options provided just as if you were working with professional photography editing software. Add effects, Saturate, add text or frames, rotate, straighten, balance, sharpen, and crop all your photos easily without effort with this amazing iPhone photo app. You will also have the ability to snap pictures within the application providing instant access for editing your photos.

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Dynamic Light

If you really like to add effects to your photos, the Dynamic Light photo app for iPhone can make your photos truly stand out. You can use this app for all of your photos that have been previously shot. Simply select the photo to be treated, and let the HDR treatment take care of the rest. All you do is increase the dial for more light or decrease for less, and watch the photo change from one extreme to the next. Great app and simply a must have.

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Do you like those photographs that are black and white, but a specific chosen area is in color? Much of this work can only be done using some really expensive photo editing software, but not anymore. ColorSplash for iPhone will allow the user to take a picture and convert it to black and white, while coloring only a chosen area such as the eyes, pants, background, foreground, or other areas of your choice.

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Night Camera

If you are in low light situations such as out in the night or at clubs, parties, or special events, this is an application you will simply love. You will be able to take those low light pictures as though you never needed light. This is because of a built in accelerometer that takes full control of the shutter allowing the camera to take pictures when it is completely stable. This eliminates blur as well as providing a perfectly clear picture in low light situations.

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For those of you that love to use the camera function on your iPhone, you will find these photo apps for your iPhone extremely useful and very functional. Although some of the applications provide different functions, you will have more fun than you can handle when it comes to editing, creating, and sharing all of your photos with everyone else.

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