Latest reviews of iPhone 4G

This Apple iPhone 4G review, we look at new product opportunities, and determine whether or not they truly revolutionary or they add that the current iPhone owner can live without them.

The most obvious change is in the iPhone 4G , lightweight body. They say 25% thinner and lighter than previous models. Of course, the weight difference is barely noticeable, and just aesthetic changes.

IPhone 4G boasts a high resolution display  capabilities. Maximum output on screen artificially maintained at 960 x 640, with half display that can project on Full HD LCD / LED TV. It is a great improvement. Many people watch videos on portable devices, and a new resolution just made the flagship product of Apple’s powerful, multimedia mini monster! Of course, playing audio line is already legendary. Higher resolution only adds to the cost product.

Previous models were capable iPhone WI-FI net phones. But now has a 4G 802,11, which makes it even more portable Internet device.

It also contains high resolution 5 mega pixels camera., and added front camera for one of the most prominent enhancements .

Yes, iPhone 4G can do video calling now! This is a new feature, however, depends on user preferences. While most are new opportunities of video devices, some people may find it as a simple novelty.

iPhone 4g reviews With an updated style, shiny new screen, fast processor, and even more features, iPhone is the biggest upgrade in April for the smartphone from Apple with iPhone 4G. In addition, its brand advertising device for Apple’s new operating system, which gives long-overdue collection of functions, and a wide range of minor changes that we simply do not provide.

The device is coated with a total black chrome finish and engraved with the Apple logo on the back and recording. The device supposedly came from some prominent features of iPhone, such as a tiny speaker that has a rectangular shape and the home button. It seems that the iPhone 4G bit thicker, higher and sharper. Create a physical phone buttons do not look like that existing models of Iphones. iPhone will work on iPhone OS and Mac versions with 80 GB capacity, front facing camera, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g, 3G HSDPA, HTML (Safari) browser, and A-GPS support.

Display of Iphone is always high at standard and anything less like the expected version 4G/HD block. According to the report, mobile phone comes with a stunning display to feature 3.5-inch TFT capacitive touch screen, which boasts 16 million colors and 640 x 960 pixels. Some high-end features on display include scratching the surface, the sensor to automatically shut off, accelerometer sensor for auto rotate.

Camera feature Apple iPhone 4G/HD also very attractive. It is loaded with 5 megapixel Lyutsiana with features such as LED flash, autofocus, connection time. 80 GB of internal storage capacity, seems to be enough to store various files and programs, and therefore, no MicroSD card slot does not seem to matter.

iPhone 4G is a compact, nice and attracting, but there is some concerns. Call admission even now there is a problem and we are concerned about the new antenna. At the edge features, we welcome the multi-tasking with outstretched arms, but it has some disadvantages.

Rainy Music: Perfectly Soothes Your Mood

Just relax! Stay tuned with your favourite music with rainy sounds at the background. This can be a tagline for the iPhone application Rainy Music. This is an amazing app that creates a wonderful surrounding and environment around you with soft rainy music. It perfectly suits your mood and helps one immensely get rid of all day to day activities. You will find that each and every moment is enjoyable with rainy music application. No matter whether you want to sleep calmly or take a rest the white rainy noise from this app will definitely help you in every way.

Rainy Music Screen

With its arrival this new application has definitely attracted many customers. Being cheap, this has a good position in the app store also. The developers and many users claim that if you use this app and listen to the music for 30 minutes then you will find yourself in another world. Certainly, it is the quality of music that matters the users much. Let us have a discussion on this a little more and dipper.

The latest version of this application is version 1.3. This offers an important update for iPhone4 retina display.

Here are some cool features that might interest you:

  • Enjoy the rainy weather to the fullest alone or with your partner if you want.
  • Play or pause the music instantly with single click.
  • One touch volume control and superb thunderstorm sound in backgroun1d.
  • Background that fully soothes your mood.
  • Easily choose playlist from iPod.
  • Day/night and auto rotate themes are also available.

The price of this application is set at $3. That is simply nothing in front of the comfort you are getting through the application. Users say that they just purchased this application with 3 bucks, but got satisfaction of some thousand dollars!!!

According to the surveys this will get 4.5 on 5.

App Store Icon

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5 Things iPhone App Store Does Better than Android Market

App Store vs Android MarketGoogle and Apple have been fighting since long to make their presence fruitful and beneficial both for their users as well as the developers. They have made lots of transformations in the field of mobile arena and have been keeping an eye to become the royal king of the market. Other companies like Nokia and Blackberry have also made much success in this field. This article is a comparison between Android Market and iPhone App Store and how iPhone App Store is better than Android market.

1) Size and Options:

Apple’s iPhone App store is far larger than that of Android Market. Today iPhone App store houses more than 250,000 applications which include interactive apps and games while on the other hand Android Market houses only 50,000 apps. You get a whole large bed of apps to select the top apps for your iphone out of them while your apps selections are limited in Android. The iPhone App store is estimated to make more than $1 billion every year while it is $100 million in sales for Android market per year.

2) Application Discovery:

Both for Android as well as iPhone App store the application discovery is very difficult. You app get lost in the ocean of such a large collection of apps. You need to advertise it well in other to make your app get noticed in the store. One of the best achievements of iPhone App store is iTunes access which makes browsing your apps easily and faster with the advanced user interface. While the Android Market lacks a good user interface which makes apps to find it difficult to get noticed.

3) Payment options

The payment options could become the most difficult part for an organization if not handled carefully. People usually prefer easy and fast payment options for anything they shop. Complicated and long methods make frustrates the users and they avoid shopping in that store further. iPhone App store allows payment through itunes account which has a direct link to your credit card. The apps store or itunes interface makes the payment options easier. While on the other hand, payment options in Android market is controlled by Google Checkout which is nowhere near the iPhone system when comes the usability and convenience terms. iPhone apps store allows greater sales and more revenue for the developers than the Android one.

4) Open and Closed System

The apple apps store is a closed system which allows developers to submit their app while gives no guarantee that their products will be published. Any apps supporting access to illegal and copyrights violation will be deleted from iPhone app store. This ensures you to get a quality and original app each time you download. While Android app store is an open system allowing developers to submit pornographic apps.

5) Fragmentation and Version Support

Android developers have many limitations when comes to developing their apps. Android has till now more than 5 versions. Developers have to keep in mind each version while developing an app which is certainly a difficult task. But iPhone on the other hand has only 5 versions. All devices have backward compatibility. Developers will surely find it easier than Android platform.

Doodle Control – Another Flight Control Inspirited Game

Doodle Control iPhone game

The technology is advancing, and then why not your iPhone should be? The iPhone apps store is once again loaded with yet another happening game known as Doodle Control. This addictive game has caught the eyes of many game lovers all around the world. This iTunes app is being developed by Developers Mars Yau and was released recently on September 10, 2010.

This is the first version of the game and is made in the line-up of flight doodle. It is very much similar to the famous game “Flight Doodle” and the naming is also done similar to it. The game works much similar to Flight Control. All you need to do is to land your guiding planes on to the land by making flight paths with the help of your fingers. The game also makes the best use of touch screen feature of the iPhone. Another feature which helps in the proper working of the game is the powerful used in the iPhone. The graphics used in the game is much like doodle; moreover they are in colour rather than in monochrome.


The games become more exciting when you start earning virtual money. The money earned will be used in extending the game duration. All you have to do is to guide your planes to land properly on the land by making simple paths by your fingers. You have to take care that your plane doesn’t collides with other planes and make a safer landing. After each successful landing you earn money which could be used to buy more planes. Though it might be looking simple here in words but the manufacturers have taken care that your journey will be full of excitement and dangers. There is a thrilling experience and a feeling of joy after experiencing Doodle Control.

You will nearly get the feeling of controlling the air traffic control. Some of the cool features of the Doodle control are listed below:

  • The control’s suppleness: drawing lines are very simple and controlling the flight will be the tough job.
  • There are total of three airfields to suit your mood.
  • Earning virtual money by preceding each step in the game. Money earned will be used to purchase other planes with some different features.
  • There are total of ten airplanes to be purchased with the money you earn.
  • The game comes integrated with the latest iOS 4 Game Centre. Thus anyone opting for this new OS will get the game automatically in the Game Centre.
  • The High scored ladder boards.
  • There are more than twenty achievements to be received throughout the game. Each achievement earns you a special reputation and associated money.

The association with game centre by earning achievements and scores makes the experience unforgettable. The game size is only 6.3MB and is rated 4 plus. It is completely compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. It works specially in iOS 4.1 and the later versions. Certainly, an application that is truly recommended.


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iPhone App Store Hits 250,000 Active Apps

Apple App Store MarketApple iPhone Apps Store is the biggest apps store online in the present web world. Its competitors like Android Apps Market seem to be far lagging behind when comes the case of total no of apps. Recently the store has marked a huge number, 250,000 apps submitted to its database. According to the record available, there are total 253,694 Active apps available in the store.

The store has seen enormous growth from past June, 2010 and is expected to climb a milestone mark at its September 1 music event. The Apple Apps store is the most reliable store in the world as it follows a closed system. The developer’s apps undergo various processing like copyright checking, pornographic content, many other such related issues before they are available to download.

Many of the recent inventions like new iPad and iPhone 4 may also be considered as the reason for sudden rise in the download number. There are nearly 50,500 apps developers alone from US for the store. They upload their apps at the rate of nearly 90 apps/ day. The day is no far when we will soon see the Apple Apps store reaching a saturation point.

Most of the apps available fall under the games category. The large retina display of iPhone and iPad which make the gaming experiences more exciting may be considered as the reason for this large number of the games applications. Games have been in demand since ages when we were having black and white cell phones. People find them very useful to spend their leisure. This fact has been the ultimate cause for apps developers to make so many games app.

The Apple Apps Store is neither too costly. The current average app price is $2.88 which is too low as compared to other stores. The current average game price is $1.24 and the overall average price is $2.64.
Major active categories of apps belong to Books, Games, Entertainment, Education and lifestyle. The books category leads all other and stands currently at nearly 43,900 active apps.

The Apple exceeds the Android Market by nearly 100,000 apps. The other apps stores are smaller and could be neglected in front of Apple iPhone app store. The BlackBerry App World is estimated to contain 9000 apps. The average apps which are paid are also more than Google’s checkout.

The apps posted in the Apple iPhone Store have to wait nearly for a week to be published in the store. The Books store dominates the store followed by the games apps. It is likely to hear a new app being developed for iPhone and iPad each minute from now.

Apple iPhone Apps store is estimated to make a huge amount of nearly $1 Billion every year. People also find this apps store to be safe and secure with so much restriction being imposed on the developers. The payments options are done by iTunes account which has a nice and easy user interface to make transactions.

Know the defects of iPhone 4 before you buying it

Problems of iPhone 4Apple recently introduced, which was assumed most innovative smartphone. Many customers purchase the iPhone 4 and have found some major problem in it. Many problems have occurred since its release date iPhone4.
Users complained about the iPhone 4 signal strength indicator show the wrong signal. In some cases, iPhone displays the 4 bar when there is certainly no signal on the phone. There is a significant drop signal if antenna port or touches the phone is in some way. Actually, I feel there is still much work to be done on iPhone 4 with respect to the signal telephone. Apple announced that they will be releasing a software update to be considered as display phone signal strength. Note the update does not solve the problem with the iPhone will solve the weak signal only through the signal on the display.

Another important question about customers is that the phones screen is often portrayed yellow tint, which is very noticeable when you try to use the phone. Along with the change of color on the screen, customers have noticed that the volume buttons on the phone had been changed. Thus, instead of thinking you turned the phone down, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the explosion of the phone when you least expect it. Problems related to the iPhone 4 not stop there. Other problems reported were lack of connection to Wi-Fi, that Apple never fully mastered, but have made significant progress in improving and 5-megapixel camera does not flash installed option.

In terms of sales, I think the problems with the iPhone should expect all phones lose reception at a given stage, falling and breaking the phone may happen by chance, not having received a strong WiFi signal is normal depending on where you are. Can the iPhone 4 improved and developed all of its bifurcation? Yes, without doubt, iPhone 4 you can use improvement, but it is still very innovative piece of technology that took place several devices and combines them into one.

Before the release of this new models iPhone, the company have given the thousands of sets to volunteer for testing. These volunteers were supposed to report the bugs and defects, what they found in their Iphones. To compensate for these testers, they were allowed to keep the units they tested.

How to create a US App Store Account Without a credit card

iTunes App Store Account for Promo Code RedeemCreating an additional US app store account is quite necessary from various points of view.  Some of the main and prominent reasons are:

  • You can download free stuff from Apple US iTunes because many times free episodes and music are available for download in US iTunes app store.
  • It is also possible to make use of a promotional code to gain access and download a free sample of a premium iPhone application if you have a US app store account. You can find several forums in which application developers post promo codes for free iPhone apps.

For these main reasons you will probably need a US app store account. It is also absolutely possible to create this account without a credit card. This may be little bit complicated. But once you are acquainted, it will seem quite easy. Well, here are a few steps which through light on how to create a US app store account without credit card.

  • Just ensure that you are in app store and not in iTunes store. If not sure, open up iTunes store on your PC and visit iTunes store. You will find the name of your current account at the rightmost of top corner of the store. Just sign out from the account and visit the app store by choosing the option the menu.
  • Make sure that you are in US app store.
  • To do this you may click on the appropriate flag at the bottom right corner of the App store page. Choose the USA flag. It is that simple.
  • Now choose a random application to download. A free one will do well. You are not logged in. So, you will be asked to either log in or create a new account. Of course, we are here interested to create a new one.
  • In the list of options asking for credit cards choose NONE.
  • Fill in all the fields and you will need to provide with a valid email id of yours. Let me tell you that this email address should be different from that registered with Apple. Still, if you do not have an alternate email id, create one with yahoo or gmail. These are all free.
  • In the address field, select the country as USA and type down a valid US address. There are many readily available addresses available to be used in the internet. You can also Google it down to find unlimited free and valid addresses.

Whenever you need updates to your apps, just logging with your newly created US account and make the updates. I may also remind you that making an US account when you are not present in US is against the norms of the Apple and it may suspend your account once found guilty. The above method is just for your information in case you need to create one when in urgent need. If you have tried the above method then please let us know your experiences and problems if any. We’ll be gland to respond to your queries.

List of Top iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps ListTo think about an iPhone apps list you would need much more space than what we have here for this article.  What I will do for you is give you a comprehensive category list from a couple of different review sites as well as some categories that the various iPhone apps lists are identified under.  iTunes is reported to go over three hundred thousand apps by November of next year so it will be very difficult for any one app to get noticed as they are developed.

Apps are assigned to several categories and may appear in more than one, but are ranked based on the number of times they are downloaded from iTunes.  If an app is not on iTunes it will not appear in the rankings at  Most review sites will have featured apps (paid highlights that have nothing to do with popularity or utility), free apps categories and paid apps categories.  There are even reviews of some apps that may help you make a final decision.

On almost all of the review sites any category listed under Free Apps has a mirrored list under Paid Apps.  Following is iPhone apps list of Free Apps (the Top 50 are listed under the appropriate link on the review site).  Games, Entertainment, Utilities, Business, Education, Reference, Lifestyle, Productivity, Travel, Health and Fitness, Book, Sports, Music, Finance, Social Networking, Photography, News, Weather and Medical Apps.  With 50 apps listed under these eighteen categories that means there are 900 apps in each of the Free and Paid Apps on the review site.

The Top Free Game App is Traffic Rush, while the top Paid Game App is Where’s Waldo with Bejeweled coming in third.  When you go on to the Entertainment section the top rated Free App is ImDb the movie and actor database while Wordsmith is the top rated Paid Entertainment app.  Moving on to Utilities you will find that Touch Scale and the AT&T Mark the Spot utility are one and two for Free Apps and RedLaser and Live Cams are one and two for Paid Apps.

For Business the top Free App is Park n Find and the top two Paid Apps for business are QuickOffice and Business Card Reader.  For Education the best Apps are Musee du Louvre and Spanish Tutor while the best Paid Apps are Basic Spanish for Dummies and Mathemagic.  For Reference you will find that Google Mobile Map and are the top two Free Apps and Gallagher’s Beer Guide and the World Factbook ’09 edition are the top two Paid Apps.

The Lifestyle category gives you Christmas Spirit Generator and eBay Mobile as the top two Free Apps and 23000 Great Quotes and Textfree as the top two Paid Apps.  Productivity has Doodle Buddy and iTranslate as the best Free Apps and Doodle Buddy Holiday Edition and Awesome Note (Todo) as the best Paid Apps in this category.  For Travel you get Google Earth and Urbanspoon are the best Free Apps and FlightTrack Live Flight Status Tracker and ZAGAT To Go ’09 are the best Paid Apps.  For more iPhone apps lists go to any of the Apps review sites on the internet.

Thousands of Apps on iPhone Apps Store

iPhone apps store billion downloadSmart phones from all manufacturers have their proponents of the various apps you want to have for you particular phone model.  iPhone has touted the fact that there are literally thousands of apps available for the iPhone and the only thing that has kept it from becoming a virtual monopoly is that you can only get through AT&T.  Apple has tried to corner the market on apps and offers many thousands of apps through  While there are many other apps sites you can be assured that any app available on the iPhone apps store at is completely compatible with your iPhone.

In a previous article I stated that the apps for iPhones are categorized by type of application like Apps for Cooking, Apps for Music, Apps for Keeping Current and Apps for the Great Outdoors.  Apple posts some featured apps and has a link to show all of the apps in a particular category.  If you love to be outside and enjoy nature then you should check out the Apps for the Great Outdoors at the iPhone apps store.

The first featured app is for those who enjoy bird watching.  iBird Explorer Backyard is a guide with interactive features that allow you to search by shape, type of habitat, location and color amongst North American birds.  You can post any of your sightings on a satellite map on Birdpost.  Another app will allow you add Butterflies from around the world to your search parameters as well.

If you are a fan of beaches and the possibility of surfing on any particular day you can get Surf Report to give you the swell direction, surf height, tide and overall weather at hundreds of beaches around the world.  If your tastes run a bit colder you can get the Snow Report which gives you 24, 48 and 72 hour snow fall along with trail and lift closures at over two thousand resorts around the world.  You can even look at detailed trail maps at all of those resorts.

If enjoying a clear sky at night is your idea of a relaxing evening you should check out Star Walk.  This app will allow you to look up details about the stars you are looking at in the sky as well as looking at astral events that have happened in the past.  MoonPhase is another app that you can download that gives you lunar information like rising and setting times as well as its current position in the zodiac.

Another great app for the outdoors is MotionX GPS.  Whether you are enjoying the outdoors by bike, skis or boat you can map your trip and give you the distance traveled, speed and time.  You can take pictures and post them to your route and publish it on MotionX GPS.  If you are a photo buff and love the outdoors but do not have PhotoShop you can use Panorama to take a series of outdoor shots and then put them together to create a 360 degree view of what your are photographing.

9 Great iPhone Application for Free

Free iphone applicationsThere are many great iPhone applications, but as a poor guy, you have significant expenditures for the iPhone live frugally live frugally, you really should try to spend some not letting you play with the iPhone application.

Does not guarantee that following these iPhone applications that you would like, but at least worth a try.


In addition to the integrated chat functionality, the iPhone application makes a bit disappointed. Facebook enthusiasts use this iPhone application only reason, simply because it can provide easy-to-view the buddy list in alphabetical order, and integrated chat. However, in the iPhone’s Safari browser, with direct access to the Facebook Web site has an unparalleled advantage. On the other hand, the most important features of iPhone application is that it has a clear organization of Facebook friends, but also easily with Facebook friends to chat, but in the mobile version of the Safari where you direct access to Facebook can not do this .


This is a quickest way to manage your tasks.

The methodology of TaskCard is to simplify a task setting, you don’t need to input any “Progress” or “Status” of a task. What you need to do is just create it and drag into the specific status zone.


For the shy, have difficulty dealing with a stranger who, it is a most appropriate, but the ultimate iPhone applications. Enter their own personal archives of information, including some you want others to see greeting. iPhone’s location-based services can be found around the area also use the service users. They can see your file, the evaluation in the end you are more interesting.


If you are a heavy Twitter user, or would like to use better methods of classification and management of all Twitter messages friends hair, Twitterrific is for you. It’s very beautiful interface design program that can automatically refresh receive Twitter messages, only one will be able to hit reply message. And can be combined in the same page shows all of the Twitter accounts. However, testing the program to crash several times.


Well, the iPhone application game is absolutely no use, but you may want to try at least once. The iPhone application iPhone game used to the acceleration sensor, the game around when you have to tilt phone, so that a glass of beer to bypass the obstacles and served to customers.


Last.Fm Web site has been registered account users should not be missed applications.


This is what I have seen the most use of the iPhone’s touch screen is one of the applications. MixMeister mixer is similar to analog recording machine dial, you can use it to “wipe out” all kinds of sound. Even in the iPod playing music, you can launch the iPhone application, and then an impromptu “friction” mix.


You can connect to their AIM contact list, you can talk about with your friends anytime, anywhere. It can be used through a variety of protocols such as Trillian and Meebo to connect to your IM account. However, as mobile IM program.


If you already have a Pandora account, use this iPhone application can access the music stations have been established to the Facebook account to send messages to listen to. With regard to the usage of this plug-in is one of interesting: the iPhone on the side of the table, let it play music through the phone’s speaker is like a radio in the same side.


Opposite the iPhone to sing or whistle, and then to identify song title, how kind of the idea? If you often hum a song, do not know the name of the song, then this gadget will be needed. Free Midomi claims to identify songs through the recordings, but this process was not always successful.