Latest reviews of iPhone 4G

This Apple iPhone 4G review, we look at new product opportunities, and determine whether or not they truly revolutionary or they add that the current iPhone owner can live without them.

The most obvious change is in the iPhone 4G , lightweight body. They say 25% thinner and lighter than previous models. Of course, the weight difference is barely noticeable, and just aesthetic changes.

IPhone 4G boasts a high resolution display¬† capabilities. Maximum output on screen artificially maintained at 960 x 640, with half display that can project on Full HD LCD / LED TV. It is a great improvement. Many people watch videos on portable devices, and a new resolution just made the flagship product of Apple’s powerful, multimedia mini monster! Of course, playing audio line is already legendary. Higher resolution only adds to the cost product.

Previous models were capable iPhone WI-FI net phones. But now has a 4G 802,11, which makes it even more portable Internet device.

It also contains high resolution 5 mega pixels camera., and added front camera for one of the most prominent enhancements .

Yes, iPhone 4G can do video calling now! This is a new feature, however, depends on user preferences. While most are new opportunities of video devices, some people may find it as a simple novelty.

iPhone 4g reviews With an updated style, shiny new screen, fast processor, and even more features, iPhone is the biggest upgrade in April for the smartphone from Apple with iPhone 4G. In addition, its brand advertising device for Apple’s new operating system, which gives long-overdue collection of functions, and a wide range of minor changes that we simply do not provide.

The device is coated with a total black chrome finish and engraved with the Apple logo on the back and recording. The device supposedly came from some prominent features of iPhone, such as a tiny speaker that has a rectangular shape and the home button. It seems that the iPhone 4G bit thicker, higher and sharper. Create a physical phone buttons do not look like that existing models of Iphones. iPhone will work on iPhone OS and Mac versions with 80 GB capacity, front facing camera, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g, 3G HSDPA, HTML (Safari) browser, and A-GPS support.

Display of Iphone is always high at standard and anything less like the expected version 4G/HD block. According to the report, mobile phone comes with a stunning display to feature 3.5-inch TFT capacitive touch screen, which boasts 16 million colors and 640 x 960 pixels. Some high-end features on display include scratching the surface, the sensor to automatically shut off, accelerometer sensor for auto rotate.

Camera feature Apple iPhone 4G/HD also very attractive. It is loaded with 5 megapixel Lyutsiana with features such as LED flash, autofocus, connection time. 80 GB of internal storage capacity, seems to be enough to store various files and programs, and therefore, no MicroSD card slot does not seem to matter.

iPhone 4G is a compact, nice and attracting, but there is some concerns. Call admission even now there is a problem and we are concerned about the new antenna. At the edge features, we welcome the multi-tasking with outstretched arms, but it has some disadvantages.

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