Know the defects of iPhone 4 before you buying it

Problems of iPhone 4Apple recently introduced, which was assumed most innovative smartphone. Many customers purchase the iPhone 4 and have found some major problem in it. Many problems have occurred since its release date iPhone4.
Users complained about the iPhone 4 signal strength indicator show the wrong signal. In some cases, iPhone displays the 4 bar when there is certainly no signal on the phone. There is a significant drop signal if antenna port or touches the phone is in some way. Actually, I feel there is still much work to be done on iPhone 4 with respect to the signal telephone. Apple announced that they will be releasing a software update to be considered as display phone signal strength. Note the update does not solve the problem with the iPhone will solve the weak signal only through the signal on the display.

Another important question about customers is that the phones screen is often portrayed yellow tint, which is very noticeable when you try to use the phone. Along with the change of color on the screen, customers have noticed that the volume buttons on the phone had been changed. Thus, instead of thinking you turned the phone down, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the explosion of the phone when you least expect it. Problems related to the iPhone 4 not stop there. Other problems reported were lack of connection to Wi-Fi, that Apple never fully mastered, but have made significant progress in improving and 5-megapixel camera does not flash installed option.

In terms of sales, I think the problems with the iPhone should expect all phones lose reception at a given stage, falling and breaking the phone may happen by chance, not having received a strong WiFi signal is normal depending on where you are. Can the iPhone 4 improved and developed all of its bifurcation? Yes, without doubt, iPhone 4 you can use improvement, but it is still very innovative piece of technology that took place several devices and combines them into one.

Before the release of this new models iPhone, the company have given the thousands of sets to volunteer for testing. These volunteers were supposed to report the bugs and defects, what they found in their Iphones. To compensate for these testers, they were allowed to keep the units they tested.

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