iPhone App Store Hits 250,000 Active Apps

Apple App Store MarketApple iPhone Apps Store is the biggest apps store online in the present web world. Its competitors like Android Apps Market seem to be far lagging behind when comes the case of total no of apps. Recently the store has marked a huge number, 250,000 apps submitted to its database. According to the record available, there are total 253,694 Active apps available in the store.

The store has seen enormous growth from past June, 2010 and is expected to climb a milestone mark at its September 1 music event. The Apple Apps store is the most reliable store in the world as it follows a closed system. The developer’s apps undergo various processing like copyright checking, pornographic content, many other such related issues before they are available to download.

Many of the recent inventions like new iPad and iPhone 4 may also be considered as the reason for sudden rise in the download number. There are nearly 50,500 apps developers alone from US for the store. They upload their apps at the rate of nearly 90 apps/ day. The day is no far when we will soon see the Apple Apps store reaching a saturation point.

Most of the apps available fall under the games category. The large retina display of iPhone and iPad which make the gaming experiences more exciting may be considered as the reason for this large number of the games applications. Games have been in demand since ages when we were having black and white cell phones. People find them very useful to spend their leisure. This fact has been the ultimate cause for apps developers to make so many games app.

The Apple Apps Store is neither too costly. The current average app price is $2.88 which is too low as compared to other stores. The current average game price is $1.24 and the overall average price is $2.64.
Major active categories of apps belong to Books, Games, Entertainment, Education and lifestyle. The books category leads all other and stands currently at nearly 43,900 active apps.

The Apple exceeds the Android Market by nearly 100,000 apps. The other apps stores are smaller and could be neglected in front of Apple iPhone app store. The BlackBerry App World is estimated to contain 9000 apps. The average apps which are paid are also more than Google’s checkout.

The apps posted in the Apple iPhone Store have to wait nearly for a week to be published in the store. The Books store dominates the store followed by the games apps. It is likely to hear a new app being developed for iPhone and iPad each minute from now.

Apple iPhone Apps store is estimated to make a huge amount of nearly $1 Billion every year. People also find this apps store to be safe and secure with so much restriction being imposed on the developers. The payments options are done by iTunes account which has a nice and easy user interface to make transactions.

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