How to Install Ringtones on the iPhone

Ringtones have been always a matter of concern for people carrying a good cell phone. People want to make it sound good and refreshing each time they hear their phone ring. But many smart-phones like iPhone have some limited amount of ring-tones in-built and the user has to remain hearing them till he uses the phone. You can in-fact select a different tone for contacts which are special to you.

Install iPhone Ringtones

After the iTunes rediscovery of free ring-tones, hardly anybody would like to pay $.99 for only 30 secs of joy. iTunes now comes with free ring-tones facility in iTunes. I will be discussing some alternative ways to get your favorite ring-tone on your iPhone. There will be options that will require you to jailbreak and options that may be taken without it.

Looking at the jailbreak methods first:

1) SSH/File-transfer: In this method you can drop all iPhone supported format ring-tones to the directory, /library/ringtones. They can be mp3, AACs, or M4As. You may also add other format, if your iPhone’s iPod supports it.

2) iFuntacstic: this process is also same as that of SSH/file transfer. Just you have to drag the supported format to the right directory /library/ringtones.

3) iBrickr: This application actually transcodes the sound for you. So even if you are looking for an old WAV sound, this application will convert into a format which your iPhone supports. Then later you can synchronize it with the device.

Now lets have a look into the options that do not require jailbreak.

1) iTunes music store: Place the AAC format files into the correct iTunes ringtones folder.

2) iToner(Mac): This method is exclusive for Mac users only. This copies ring-tones to the iPhone, bypasing iTunes, and also supports future updates. This application costs $15.

3) Rogue Ameoba’s MakeiPhoneRingtone: The applications takes the benefits of iTunes 7.4 and iTunes 7.4.1. This is also for Mac users only. All that one has to do is drop the supported file into the right directory in the iTunes.

4) iPhoneRingtoneMaker: Windows can’t be made upset. So we have got this which is exclusively for windows users. This helps in transferring ring-tones to the iPhone and also supports editing it before you use it. You can chop down the long music into small ring-tones.

It is always recommended you go for the free methods for stuffs like ring-tones. But if you don’t want to jailbreak then Rogue Ameoba’s MakeiPhoneRingtone can do it for free. So go ahead and install a new and exciting ring-tone for your smart-phone now. Make your iPhone sound smarter! Keeping our posts to find more top apps for iPhone. Enjoy!

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