How to Delete Pre-installed and Post-installed iPhone Apps

iPhone comes loaded with many application in it. But as taste varies from person to person, some don’t really like them at all. So at the end they conclude: delete the pre-installed app. One gets more headache when he/she finds out that there is no option to delete a pre-installed app from the iPhone which he got it at $199. So how to actually get of the app you really don’t want to see in the panel?

Well, Apple doesn’t provide any mechanism or method to install any of its app from its product. But if you really want to do so then you have to opt for jailbreak. Other way is to move the unwanted application to one remote area far behind your view on he iPhone. Here in this article we will both the case ie. deleting a pre-installed as well post-installed apps.

Delete iphone appsTo delete pre-installed app, first press hold any app icon for some time until all the app wiggle. After that release the finger from hat app and press the app you want to delete. then drag the icon to the right hand side through each page until you reach the last unused icon page of your iPhone.

Repeat the above the step until you get all the app you wish to see in the front screen. By this the last page will now contain all the unwanted apps which you rarely do use. You can also drag to front some of your most favorite apps which you want to see on the home screen. The last page will become unwanted stuff page. After you are done with arranging apps, click on the home screen button and the icons will stop to wiggling.

Lets see the case when you want to delete the app which you have purchased or downloaded for free. For this go-to spring board and locate the app which you want to delete. Tap it down and press hold for some time, you will mark the icon will wiggle and a cross button will appear. Select the ‘X’ and click on the delete button which will appear next pop-up warning.

Do remember to remove the app from the iTunes also or it will re-install the app once you synchronize with the iTunes. Repeat the same steps to remove all unwanted apps from the iPhone. On the other hand, if you want to remove the app only from the iPhone and restore them later then do not remove it from iTunes. Synchronizing with it will restore the app back.

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