How to create a US App Store Account Without a credit card

iTunes App Store Account for Promo Code RedeemCreating an additional US app store account is quite necessary from various points of view.  Some of the main and prominent reasons are:

  • You can download free stuff from Apple US iTunes because many times free episodes and music are available for download in US iTunes app store.
  • It is also possible to make use of a promotional code to gain access and download a free sample of a premium iPhone application if you have a US app store account. You can find several forums in which application developers post promo codes for free iPhone apps.

For these main reasons you will probably need a US app store account. It is also absolutely possible to create this account without a credit card. This may be little bit complicated. But once you are acquainted, it will seem quite easy. Well, here are a few steps which through light on how to create a US app store account without credit card.

  • Just ensure that you are in app store and not in iTunes store. If not sure, open up iTunes store on your PC and visit iTunes store. You will find the name of your current account at the rightmost of top corner of the store. Just sign out from the account and visit the app store by choosing the option the menu.
  • Make sure that you are in US app store.
  • To do this you may click on the appropriate flag at the bottom right corner of the App store page. Choose the USA flag. It is that simple.
  • Now choose a random application to download. A free one will do well. You are not logged in. So, you will be asked to either log in or create a new account. Of course, we are here interested to create a new one.
  • In the list of options asking for credit cards choose NONE.
  • Fill in all the fields and you will need to provide with a valid email id of yours. Let me tell you that this email address should be different from that registered with Apple. Still, if you do not have an alternate email id, create one with yahoo or gmail. These are all free.
  • In the address field, select the country as USA and type down a valid US address. There are many readily available addresses available to be used in the internet. You can also Google it down to find unlimited free and valid addresses.

Whenever you need updates to your apps, just logging with your newly created US account and make the updates. I may also remind you that making an US account when you are not present in US is against the norms of the Apple and it may suspend your account once found guilty. The above method is just for your information in case you need to create one when in urgent need. If you have tried the above method then please let us know your experiences and problems if any. We’ll be gland to respond to your queries.

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