How to Build iPhone App in 7 Steps

iPhone apps have been in demand in the present day scenario with the number of iPhone users increasing everyday. People usually opt for the application which are interesting and fun to use. iPhone apps not only give benefits to its users but also to its makes and developers. You might have known that people usually make a large amount of bucks out of mere iPhone apps. The demands are tremendously increasing for more amount of iPhone apps. Thus programmers have found it to be a way to get some bucks to spend some bucks on the weekends.

Build iPhone App

Making a iPhone requires one to learn some codes and scripting languages. But you need not worry as there are also iPhone apps developers who don’t know how to code. Here I will describe you how to prepare an iPhone Apps in just seven steps!!

1.      Generating an idea: Get a fantastic idea about what you are going to prepare. Do not think about its look and its coding just think how an what it will do.

2.      After you have got a strong idea about what you going to do, we are going to prepare a flow chart or you can all it a map out of it. Create a flow chart depicting what your iPhone app will do. Indicate the plans about the screens it will have and the buttons it will have. Though you may not be able to express everything at the initial stage but do as much you can.

3.      Coding stage: this is the important stage in every app. Well, if you don’t know how to code then there are many programmers in the online world who can do it for you in exchange of some bucks. You can also hire some freelancer to do the project work for you.

4.      After you have hired a dependable freelancer, go to protect your iPhone App. As there are many loose thief who can copy your idea, so it advisable to give a brief idea about your app only. Also ask the developer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA so that he doesn’t reveals or steals your plans.

5.      While asking the developer to develop the code, it is usually advisable to give all the sketches which you drew when you came up with the plan. Also make it clean and simple so the developer gets your idea of project.

6.      Pricing: This is the toughest part of any deal. Making an appropriate deal always helps both the parties. Usually when you take help of a third party, the expenses varies from $500-1000 which depends upon the complexity of your idea.

After the developer has finished with the coding and the application make sure to test it yourself on a simple iPhone before submitting it to Apple. Many developers may take advantage of you as you are not aware of any coding language. After you are satisfied with the work, make the payment and give a professional feedback to the developer so that you can opt him for future works. Finally, submit your iPhone app to Apple and wait for it to get approved.

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