Google Samsung Nexus S vs Apple iPhone 4: The Smart Phone Fight


Google Nexus S vs iPhone 4

Google has re-entered the highly competitive smart-phone market with Samsung Nexus S. This time the launch is even bigger and competitors are already feeling the uncomfortable with it. The biggest question arises will be able to compete with the Apple’s darling kid,  iPhone 4?

This is the first phone to launch with the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. But can it challenge the iPhone is the matter of fact. As far as the specs are considered we will be reviewing them in this article.

The phone is prepared by keeping in mind all the latest trends of the market. It has got many high end features to boost of. The most happening thing about this product is its large display which makes it look more advanced than iPhone 4.  iPhone 4 screen is 3.5” large where as Nexus S’s is 4” which will help users to do more with their smart phone. Nexus has an AMOLED display with 480 by 800 pixels resolution. There’s another feature in Nexus S which Google calls it as “Contour Display” which basically is a curved glass screen which helps in giving better display against your face and also gives easy typing. Whereas on the another hand, iPhone4’s screen is 3.5” large but houses in more pixels than Nexus. iPhone has 640-by-960 pixel resolution and also a retina display feature which helps in keeping the texts and images blur free even at extreme zoom mode.

Both the smart-phone have tied down when we come to camera features. Both come with 5 mega pixel cameras with high end features like auto flash and auto focus. They both have front VGA camera which is very helpful while video chat. Nexus S seems to have lagged behind in one feature which is quality of video record. iPhone has 720p HD video (1280 * 720 pixels) where as Nexus S supports DVD quality video at 720 * 480 pixels.

Both the smart phone have 1GHz processors running in them which gives a fine and speeder experience in both. Android phone are normally expandable when comes the matter of memory storage whereas Nexus S sees a change and comes with 16GB built-in storage with no Micro SD slots.

Google has incorporated a new feature in Nexus is NFC (near field feature) which will help the users to read NFC chips which are embedded on objects and stickers. Thus making the payments directly.

Nexus S seems to have come fully prepared to compete the king of smart-phones, iPhone 4. It will be interesting to note in future what fate has decided for the product. Buyers now have option to select anyone of the two smart-phones as they are tagged at the same price $199.

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