Doodle Control – Another Flight Control Inspirited Game

Doodle Control iPhone game

The technology is advancing, and then why not your iPhone should be? The iPhone apps store is once again loaded with yet another happening game known as Doodle Control. This addictive game has caught the eyes of many game lovers all around the world. This iTunes app is being developed by Developers Mars Yau and was released recently on September 10, 2010.

This is the first version of the game and is made in the line-up of flight doodle. It is very much similar to the famous game “Flight Doodle” and the naming is also done similar to it. The game works much similar to Flight Control. All you need to do is to land your guiding planes on to the land by making flight paths with the help of your fingers. The game also makes the best use of touch screen feature of the iPhone. Another feature which helps in the proper working of the game is the powerful used in the iPhone. The graphics used in the game is much like doodle; moreover they are in colour rather than in monochrome.


The games become more exciting when you start earning virtual money. The money earned will be used in extending the game duration. All you have to do is to guide your planes to land properly on the land by making simple paths by your fingers. You have to take care that your plane doesn’t collides with other planes and make a safer landing. After each successful landing you earn money which could be used to buy more planes. Though it might be looking simple here in words but the manufacturers have taken care that your journey will be full of excitement and dangers. There is a thrilling experience and a feeling of joy after experiencing Doodle Control.

You will nearly get the feeling of controlling the air traffic control. Some of the cool features of the Doodle control are listed below:

  • The control’s suppleness: drawing lines are very simple and controlling the flight will be the tough job.
  • There are total of three airfields to suit your mood.
  • Earning virtual money by preceding each step in the game. Money earned will be used to purchase other planes with some different features.
  • There are total of ten airplanes to be purchased with the money you earn.
  • The game comes integrated with the latest iOS 4 Game Centre. Thus anyone opting for this new OS will get the game automatically in the Game Centre.
  • The High scored ladder boards.
  • There are more than twenty achievements to be received throughout the game. Each achievement earns you a special reputation and associated money.

The association with game centre by earning achievements and scores makes the experience unforgettable. The game size is only 6.3MB and is rated 4 plus. It is completely compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. It works specially in iOS 4.1 and the later versions. Certainly, an application that is truly recommended.


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