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How to Install Ringtones on the iPhone

Ringtones have been always a matter of concern for people carrying a good cell phone. People want to make it sound good and refreshing each time they hear their phone ring. But many smart-phones like iPhone have some limited amount of ring-tones in-built and the user has to remain hearing them till he uses the [...]

How to Build iPhone App in 7 Steps

iPhone apps have been in demand in the present day scenario with the number of iPhone users increasing everyday. People usually opt for the application which are interesting and fun to use. iPhone apps not only give benefits to its users but also to its makes and developers. You might have known that people usually [...]

How to Delete Pre-installed and Post-installed iPhone Apps

iPhone comes loaded with many application in it. But as taste varies from person to person, some don’t really like them at all. So at the end they conclude: delete the pre-installed app. One gets more headache when he/she finds out that there is no option to delete a pre-installed app from the iPhone which [...]