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Jewel Frenzy – a SUPER RUSH 90 seconds puzzle game

INZMORE has introduced Jewel Frenzy 1.0, their new cute puzzle game for iOS devices. Simple and easy-to-play, Jewel Frenzy is an amazing match-3 game with impressive graphics and exciting gameplay, in which the player rush to click on a block of 3 or more of same color gems in order to clear them in 90 [...]

Top Apps for iPhone

The iPhone is an incredible device especially when it comes to all the applications available that you can pick and choose from. The issue for many people is just that, there are so many different apps, which one does a person choose and why? Here you will discover some of the top apps for iPhone, [...]

Photo Apps for iPhone

If you own an iPhone and you constantly use your camera for taking pictures, you probably know that the camera feature is actually quite nice. So what a better way to take full advantage of that feature than to download some really useful photo apps. There are so many different photo apps for iPhone that [...]

How to Delete Pre-installed and Post-installed iPhone Apps

iPhone comes loaded with many application in it. But as taste varies from person to person, some don’t really like them at all. So at the end they conclude: delete the pre-installed app. One gets more headache when he/she finds out that there is no option to delete a pre-installed app from the iPhone which [...]

Know the defects of iPhone 4 before you buying it

Apple recently introduced, which was assumed most innovative smartphone. Many customers purchase the iPhone 4 and have found some major problem in it. Many problems have occurred since its release date iPhone4.
Users complained about the iPhone 4 signal strength indicator show the wrong signal. In some cases, iPhone displays the 4 bar when there is [...]