9 Great iPhone Application for Free

Free iphone applicationsThere are many great iPhone applications, but as a poor guy, you have significant expenditures for the iPhone live frugally live frugally, you really should try to spend some not letting you play with the iPhone application.

Does not guarantee that following these iPhone applications that you would like, but at least worth a try.


In addition to the integrated chat functionality, the iPhone application makes a bit disappointed. Facebook enthusiasts use this iPhone application only reason, simply because it can provide easy-to-view the buddy list in alphabetical order, and integrated chat. However, in the iPhone’s Safari browser, with direct access to the Facebook Web site has an unparalleled advantage. On the other hand, the most important features of iPhone application is that it has a clear organization of Facebook friends, but also easily with Facebook friends to chat, but in the mobile version of the Safari where you direct access to Facebook can not do this .


This is a quickest way to manage your tasks.

The methodology of TaskCard is to simplify a task setting, you don’t need to input any “Progress” or “Status” of a task. What you need to do is just create it and drag into the specific status zone.


For the shy, have difficulty dealing with a stranger who, it is a most appropriate, but the ultimate iPhone applications. Enter their own personal archives of information, including some you want others to see greeting. iPhone’s location-based services can be found around the area also use the service users. They can see your file, the evaluation in the end you are more interesting.


If you are a heavy Twitter user, or would like to use better methods of classification and management of all Twitter messages friends hair, Twitterrific is for you. It’s very beautiful interface design program that can automatically refresh receive Twitter messages, only one will be able to hit reply message. And can be combined in the same page shows all of the Twitter accounts. However, testing the program to crash several times.


Well, the iPhone application game is absolutely no use, but you may want to try at least once. The iPhone application iPhone game used to the acceleration sensor, the game around when you have to tilt phone, so that a glass of beer to bypass the obstacles and served to customers.


Last.Fm Web site has been registered account users should not be missed applications.


This is what I have seen the most use of the iPhone’s touch screen is one of the applications. MixMeister mixer is similar to analog recording machine dial, you can use it to “wipe out” all kinds of sound. Even in the iPod playing music, you can launch the iPhone application, and then an impromptu “friction” mix.


You can connect to their AIM contact list, you can talk about with your friends anytime, anywhere. It can be used through a variety of protocols such as Trillian and Meebo to connect to your IM account. However, as mobile IM program.


If you already have a Pandora account, use this iPhone application can access the music stations have been established to the Facebook account to send messages to listen to. With regard to the usage of this plug-in is one of interesting: the iPhone on the side of the table, let it play music through the phone’s speaker is like a radio in the same side.


Opposite the iPhone to sing or whistle, and then to identify song title, how kind of the idea? If you often hum a song, do not know the name of the song, then this gadget will be needed. Free Midomi claims to identify songs through the recordings, but this process was not always successful.

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