5 Things iPhone App Store Does Better than Android Market

App Store vs Android MarketGoogle and Apple have been fighting since long to make their presence fruitful and beneficial both for their users as well as the developers. They have made lots of transformations in the field of mobile arena and have been keeping an eye to become the royal king of the market. Other companies like Nokia and Blackberry have also made much success in this field. This article is a comparison between Android Market and iPhone App Store and how iPhone App Store is better than Android market.

1) Size and Options:

Appleā€™s iPhone App store is far larger than that of Android Market. Today iPhone App store houses more than 250,000 applications which include interactive apps and games while on the other hand Android Market houses only 50,000 apps. You get a whole large bed of apps to select the top apps for your iphone out of them while your apps selections are limited in Android. The iPhone App store is estimated to make more than $1 billion every year while it is $100 million in sales for Android market per year.

2) Application Discovery:

Both for Android as well as iPhone App store the application discovery is very difficult. You app get lost in the ocean of such a large collection of apps. You need to advertise it well in other to make your app get noticed in the store. One of the best achievements of iPhone App store is iTunes access which makes browsing your apps easily and faster with the advanced user interface. While the Android Market lacks a good user interface which makes apps to find it difficult to get noticed.

3) Payment options

The payment options could become the most difficult part for an organization if not handled carefully. People usually prefer easy and fast payment options for anything they shop. Complicated and long methods make frustrates the users and they avoid shopping in that store further. iPhone App store allows payment through itunes account which has a direct link to your credit card. The apps store or itunes interface makes the payment options easier. While on the other hand, payment options in Android market is controlled by Google Checkout which is nowhere near the iPhone system when comes the usability and convenience terms. iPhone apps store allows greater sales and more revenue for the developers than the Android one.

4) Open and Closed System

The apple apps store is a closed system which allows developers to submit their app while gives no guarantee that their products will be published. Any apps supporting access to illegal and copyrights violation will be deleted from iPhone app store. This ensures you to get a quality and original app each time you download. While Android app store is an open system allowing developers to submit pornographic apps.

5) Fragmentation and Version Support

Android developers have many limitations when comes to developing their apps. Android has till now more than 5 versions. Developers have to keep in mind each version while developing an app which is certainly a difficult task. But iPhone on the other hand has only 5 versions. All devices have backward compatibility. Developers will surely find it easier than Android platform.

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  1. Where did you get your statistics from?

    The Android Market has 197000 apps right now and has had 138000 apps by the time you wrote your article.

    Do you really believe that Apple’s censorship is good for the app development?

    Android apps can be very specificly searched via the vast ammount of review websites like androlib.com

    And what does revenue have to do with anything?

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