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Google Samsung Nexus S vs Apple iPhone 4: The Smart Phone Fight


Google has re-entered the highly competitive smart-phone market with Samsung Nexus S. This time the launch is even bigger and competitors are already feeling the uncomfortable with it. The biggest question arises will be able to compete with the Apple’s darling kid,  iPhone 4?
This is the first phone to launch with the new [...]

How to Delete Pre-installed and Post-installed iPhone Apps

iPhone comes loaded with many application in it. But as taste varies from person to person, some don’t really like them at all. So at the end they conclude: delete the pre-installed app. One gets more headache when he/she finds out that there is no option to delete a pre-installed app from the iPhone which [...]

The Top 5 Apps Download for iPhone 4

You might have waited long for your iPhone 4 to be in your hands and when it did come you had to face problems with issues of signal strength. Now that you own an iPhone in your hand, we will guide you which are the best 5 apps the world is downloading. There have been [...]