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Jewel Frenzy – a SUPER RUSH 90 seconds puzzle game

INZMORE has introduced Jewel Frenzy 1.0, their new cute puzzle game for iOS devices. Simple and easy-to-play, Jewel Frenzy is an amazing match-3 game with impressive graphics and exciting gameplay, in which the player rush to click on a block of 3 or more of same color gems in order to clear them in 90 seconds.

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Horoscopes for Today: Future within Your Reach Now

No doubt the invention of iPhone has really given freedom to its users to find unlimited services and applications. Daily horoscope is also an important service among those benefits. People are fascinated by the fortune telling activity, they really enjoy knowing what is hidden in their future. They are always got to know interested to know about their upcoming day. Most of the people are completely aware about their zodiac, sun shine and lucky numbers. They plan their day according the news based on their horoscope. And also take some precautions at that particular day if needed.

There was a time when we had to go to the specialists to ask questions about our life and we only get chance to ask very few questions. But as science and technology has made everything easy and within your reach so we can also know prediction about our day. Horoscopes for Today can be based on any form of astrology whatever you prefer. It can be based on your zodiac shines according to sun or according to moon. You can also take the services of numerology; it is based on your name and on your birth number. It also gives predictions in simple language as anyone can understand easily.

If you downloaded Horoscopes for Today on your iPhone then you can also know about your day according to the zodiac reading. It is based on some important cards, every cards has its own specific meaning. Chinese way of predictions is very famous worldwide. These things keep you positive and keep you aware about some minor precautions. Once palmists read the lines of your palms and told future. But now science has gifted you the way to see your future on your palm.

Horoscopes for TodayHoroscopes for Today provides you information about love, career and your health. You are also informed on your iPhone about your prediction of your day. You just have to your horoscope and it can be found by date of birth if you don’t know what your horoscope is. You have also open option to choose the way of daily fortune telling. These services are paid and for free of cost. Some apps of these types provide you advice on some issues like your life and career.

This is an amazing way to know about your day in advance like you can control on your future and can be happy in advance. Horoscopes for Today on iPhone becomes is the favorite choice of many people. One can go to apple app store and can download these useful application. Now you don’t have to wait for the newspaper to tell you about your day, just get up in the morning see your future on your iPhone. Internet has really given you opportunity to forecast your day by yourself. So enjoy one of the great apps on your iPhone.

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Top Apps for iPhone

The iPhone is an incredible device especially when it comes to all the applications available that you can pick and choose from. The issue for many people is just that, there are so many different apps, which one does a person choose and why? Here you will discover some of the top apps for iPhone, and why they are so popular. The only real way many people even find a good app is by word of mouth or someone has talked about an app that proved to be useful to them, so you’ve decided to find the app, download it, and see if it will work for you.
There is another way to find top apps for iPhone and that is by people sharing information on some really cool apps, which hopefully you will enjoy as much as they do. So without further ado, here are some of the top apps for iPhone and why they’re so cool.

Sticky It
Sticky note reminders are simply a classic, but how about an application that provides a sticky note that you can have fun with, as well as create reminders for yourself? This is such an excellent idea for those of us that need something to write on, and that will help leave a note.  Drag and drop, sharing, themes, paper colors, and backgrounds are all included.
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Streaming movies has never been easier in the home, but now you can even do it right on the iPhone. You can use the Netflix app and begin watching streamed movies to your heart’s content. The clarity and movie speed works as though you were watching the movie on a perfectly fitted miniature LCD television screen. You will find that this is one of the most popular apps because they will have a plan to fit everyone.
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Do you get sad when you miss a Groupon deal? You don’t have to anymore because now there is an app that will allow you to take full advantage of all the Groupon deals. You will have the ability to search by city and find the deals that are happening, you can share the deals with friends on Facebook, and you can read all the posts by other people that love Groupon and stay up on the current happenings.
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Like the iPhone wasn’t enough, now you have iMovie. You can edit your video while you are involved in other activities. You will have the ability to upload each type of movie created for the web when you see fit. The movies that are captured can either be medium, large, or you can go for the full HD version.
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Not everyone is the best at organizing and that little problem has sometimes created bigger problems. So, Springpad has been launched, and this little gem will prevent you from ever forgetting anything at all. You can take notes, organize, and categorize anything you would like or simply add a contact, personal information, or a recipe for yourself. Everything you need is right in the Springpad.
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Here are some of the top apps for iPhone, and if you hurry – you can download and activate a few for yourself. Although there are many different apps available, when you really look – there are some pretty nice apps that people like you and I should take full advantage of.

Photo Apps for iPhone

If you own an iPhone and you constantly use your camera for taking pictures, you probably know that the camera feature is actually quite nice. So what a better way to take full advantage of that feature than to download some really useful photo apps. There are so many different photo apps for iPhone that it will have your head spinning, so because of this it’s been decided in this article you will discover 5 of some of the best photo apps that can be used with your iPhone. Each photo app will provide different benefits so choosing the right one will be determined by how much fun you like to have with your camera.

Photo Apps for iPhone

Christmas Frame

With this application you or your friends can become Santa Claus as well as any combination of Christmas holiday settings. Christmas Frame for iPhone allows you to take pictures and incorporate those shots with all types of different Christmas borders. There are 20 borders in all, and you will have the ability to select any picture you’ve taken from your camera and add it to any one of the boarders. You will even have the option to select a border while taking your picture and have the person already included.

Download Christmas Frame


Camatrix takes iPhone camera to a new level by turning the world into green color edge image, Camatrix is driven by a professional edge-detection algorithm to render the digitalized world image, simple open Camatrix and you will see how the real world is transformed into digital world in realtime!

Download Camatrix


If you like editing photo’s you will love everything Photogene has to offer. Editing becomes extremely easy and effective because you will have many of the options provided just as if you were working with professional photography editing software. Add effects, Saturate, add text or frames, rotate, straighten, balance, sharpen, and crop all your photos easily without effort with this amazing iPhone photo app. You will also have the ability to snap pictures within the application providing instant access for editing your photos.

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Dynamic Light

If you really like to add effects to your photos, the Dynamic Light photo app for iPhone can make your photos truly stand out. You can use this app for all of your photos that have been previously shot. Simply select the photo to be treated, and let the HDR treatment take care of the rest. All you do is increase the dial for more light or decrease for less, and watch the photo change from one extreme to the next. Great app and simply a must have.

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Do you like those photographs that are black and white, but a specific chosen area is in color? Much of this work can only be done using some really expensive photo editing software, but not anymore. ColorSplash for iPhone will allow the user to take a picture and convert it to black and white, while coloring only a chosen area such as the eyes, pants, background, foreground, or other areas of your choice.

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Night Camera

If you are in low light situations such as out in the night or at clubs, parties, or special events, this is an application you will simply love. You will be able to take those low light pictures as though you never needed light. This is because of a built in accelerometer that takes full control of the shutter allowing the camera to take pictures when it is completely stable. This eliminates blur as well as providing a perfectly clear picture in low light situations.

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For those of you that love to use the camera function on your iPhone, you will find these photo apps for your iPhone extremely useful and very functional. Although some of the applications provide different functions, you will have more fun than you can handle when it comes to editing, creating, and sharing all of your photos with everyone else.

How to Install Ringtones on the iPhone

Ringtones have been always a matter of concern for people carrying a good cell phone. People want to make it sound good and refreshing each time they hear their phone ring. But many smart-phones like iPhone have some limited amount of ring-tones in-built and the user has to remain hearing them till he uses the phone. You can in-fact select a different tone for contacts which are special to you.

Install iPhone Ringtones

After the iTunes rediscovery of free ring-tones, hardly anybody would like to pay $.99 for only 30 secs of joy. iTunes now comes with free ring-tones facility in iTunes. I will be discussing some alternative ways to get your favorite ring-tone on your iPhone. There will be options that will require you to jailbreak and options that may be taken without it.

Looking at the jailbreak methods first:

1) SSH/File-transfer: In this method you can drop all iPhone supported format ring-tones to the directory, /library/ringtones. They can be mp3, AACs, or M4As. You may also add other format, if your iPhone’s iPod supports it.

2) iFuntacstic: this process is also same as that of SSH/file transfer. Just you have to drag the supported format to the right directory /library/ringtones.

3) iBrickr: This application actually transcodes the sound for you. So even if you are looking for an old WAV sound, this application will convert into a format which your iPhone supports. Then later you can synchronize it with the device.

Now lets have a look into the options that do not require jailbreak.

1) iTunes music store: Place the AAC format files into the correct iTunes ringtones folder.

2) iToner(Mac): This method is exclusive for Mac users only. This copies ring-tones to the iPhone, bypasing iTunes, and also supports future updates. This application costs $15.

3) Rogue Ameoba’s MakeiPhoneRingtone: The applications takes the benefits of iTunes 7.4 and iTunes 7.4.1. This is also for Mac users only. All that one has to do is drop the supported file into the right directory in the iTunes.

4) iPhoneRingtoneMaker: Windows can’t be made upset. So we have got this which is exclusively for windows users. This helps in transferring ring-tones to the iPhone and also supports editing it before you use it. You can chop down the long music into small ring-tones.

It is always recommended you go for the free methods for stuffs like ring-tones. But if you don’t want to jailbreak then Rogue Ameoba’s MakeiPhoneRingtone can do it for free. So go ahead and install a new and exciting ring-tone for your smart-phone now. Make your iPhone sound smarter! Keeping our posts to find more top apps for iPhone. Enjoy!

How to Build iPhone App in 7 Steps

iPhone apps have been in demand in the present day scenario with the number of iPhone users increasing everyday. People usually opt for the application which are interesting and fun to use. iPhone apps not only give benefits to its users but also to its makes and developers. You might have known that people usually make a large amount of bucks out of mere iPhone apps. The demands are tremendously increasing for more amount of iPhone apps. Thus programmers have found it to be a way to get some bucks to spend some bucks on the weekends.

Build iPhone App

Making a iPhone requires one to learn some codes and scripting languages. But you need not worry as there are also iPhone apps developers who don’t know how to code. Here I will describe you how to prepare an iPhone Apps in just seven steps!!

1.      Generating an idea: Get a fantastic idea about what you are going to prepare. Do not think about its look and its coding just think how an what it will do.

2.      After you have got a strong idea about what you going to do, we are going to prepare a flow chart or you can all it a map out of it. Create a flow chart depicting what your iPhone app will do. Indicate the plans about the screens it will have and the buttons it will have. Though you may not be able to express everything at the initial stage but do as much you can.

3.      Coding stage: this is the important stage in every app. Well, if you don’t know how to code then there are many programmers in the online world who can do it for you in exchange of some bucks. You can also hire some freelancer to do the project work for you.

4.      After you have hired a dependable freelancer, go to protect your iPhone App. As there are many loose thief who can copy your idea, so it advisable to give a brief idea about your app only. Also ask the developer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA so that he doesn’t reveals or steals your plans.

5.      While asking the developer to develop the code, it is usually advisable to give all the sketches which you drew when you came up with the plan. Also make it clean and simple so the developer gets your idea of project.

6.      Pricing: This is the toughest part of any deal. Making an appropriate deal always helps both the parties. Usually when you take help of a third party, the expenses varies from $500-1000 which depends upon the complexity of your idea.

After the developer has finished with the coding and the application make sure to test it yourself on a simple iPhone before submitting it to Apple. Many developers may take advantage of you as you are not aware of any coding language. After you are satisfied with the work, make the payment and give a professional feedback to the developer so that you can opt him for future works. Finally, submit your iPhone app to Apple and wait for it to get approved.

Google Samsung Nexus S vs Apple iPhone 4: The Smart Phone Fight


Google Nexus S vs iPhone 4

Google has re-entered the highly competitive smart-phone market with Samsung Nexus S. This time the launch is even bigger and competitors are already feeling the uncomfortable with it. The biggest question arises will be able to compete with the Apple’s darling kid,  iPhone 4?

This is the first phone to launch with the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. But can it challenge the iPhone is the matter of fact. As far as the specs are considered we will be reviewing them in this article.

The phone is prepared by keeping in mind all the latest trends of the market. It has got many high end features to boost of. The most happening thing about this product is its large display which makes it look more advanced than iPhone 4.  iPhone 4 screen is 3.5” large where as Nexus S’s is 4” which will help users to do more with their smart phone. Nexus has an AMOLED display with 480 by 800 pixels resolution. There’s another feature in Nexus S which Google calls it as “Contour Display” which basically is a curved glass screen which helps in giving better display against your face and also gives easy typing. Whereas on the another hand, iPhone4’s screen is 3.5” large but houses in more pixels than Nexus. iPhone has 640-by-960 pixel resolution and also a retina display feature which helps in keeping the texts and images blur free even at extreme zoom mode.

Both the smart-phone have tied down when we come to camera features. Both come with 5 mega pixel cameras with high end features like auto flash and auto focus. They both have front VGA camera which is very helpful while video chat. Nexus S seems to have lagged behind in one feature which is quality of video record. iPhone has 720p HD video (1280 * 720 pixels) where as Nexus S supports DVD quality video at 720 * 480 pixels.

Both the smart phone have 1GHz processors running in them which gives a fine and speeder experience in both. Android phone are normally expandable when comes the matter of memory storage whereas Nexus S sees a change and comes with 16GB built-in storage with no Micro SD slots.

Google has incorporated a new feature in Nexus is NFC (near field feature) which will help the users to read NFC chips which are embedded on objects and stickers. Thus making the payments directly.

Nexus S seems to have come fully prepared to compete the king of smart-phones, iPhone 4. It will be interesting to note in future what fate has decided for the product. Buyers now have option to select anyone of the two smart-phones as they are tagged at the same price $199.

How to Delete Pre-installed and Post-installed iPhone Apps

iPhone comes loaded with many application in it. But as taste varies from person to person, some don’t really like them at all. So at the end they conclude: delete the pre-installed app. One gets more headache when he/she finds out that there is no option to delete a pre-installed app from the iPhone which he got it at $199. So how to actually get of the app you really don’t want to see in the panel?

Well, Apple doesn’t provide any mechanism or method to install any of its app from its product. But if you really want to do so then you have to opt for jailbreak. Other way is to move the unwanted application to one remote area far behind your view on he iPhone. Here in this article we will both the case ie. deleting a pre-installed as well post-installed apps.

Delete iphone appsTo delete pre-installed app, first press hold any app icon for some time until all the app wiggle. After that release the finger from hat app and press the app you want to delete. then drag the icon to the right hand side through each page until you reach the last unused icon page of your iPhone.

Repeat the above the step until you get all the app you wish to see in the front screen. By this the last page will now contain all the unwanted apps which you rarely do use. You can also drag to front some of your most favorite apps which you want to see on the home screen. The last page will become unwanted stuff page. After you are done with arranging apps, click on the home screen button and the icons will stop to wiggling.

Lets see the case when you want to delete the app which you have purchased or downloaded for free. For this go-to spring board and locate the app which you want to delete. Tap it down and press hold for some time, you will mark the icon will wiggle and a cross button will appear. Select the ‘X’ and click on the delete button which will appear next pop-up warning.

Do remember to remove the app from the iTunes also or it will re-install the app once you synchronize with the iTunes. Repeat the same steps to remove all unwanted apps from the iPhone. On the other hand, if you want to remove the app only from the iPhone and restore them later then do not remove it from iTunes. Synchronizing with it will restore the app back.

The Top 5 Apps Download for iPhone 4

You might have waited long for your iPhone 4 to be in your hands and when it did come you had to face problems with issues of signal strength. Now that you own an iPhone in your hand, we will guide you which are the best 5 apps the world is downloading. There have been many listing done in the web which may be fake or absurd to promote their own apps but this is purely based on the counting of no times the apps have been downloaded. We will also let you know what these apps do and what is special in them.

Apple Store app on your iPhone 4 shows you the gateway to do all things directly from iPhone. You can buy Apple products, accessories, latest apps, and also read customers reviews. The best 5 downloads are as below:

1) iMovie

Apple iPhone 4 comes with a 5 mega pixel camera and you should make the most of its capabilities. IPhone 4 allows you to record videos in HD quality and share it directly with your friends and family members by just tapping on it. IMovie is the post popular app yet known. It gives users complete freedom to develop and edit personalized movies of their own choice. You can directly share movies through this phone to YouTube and other video sharing sites. Forget the old days when you need to transfer files to your computer for editing it, as iMovie gives you a complete platform to develop your own personalized movie. Import videos and organize it according to your own comfort. It supports drag and drop editing with erase options. You can also give titles, transitions and effects to make them look prettier. There’s also option to burn your final movie to DVD.

2) iBook

iPhone iBook

iPhone 4 makes a record to be the first phone to come compatible with iBook directly out form the box. It has iOS 4 which makes browsing faster and stunningly crisp. It has 3.5” retina display to make each page look clearer and sharper.

3) Pushr
There are not many apps in the Apple Apps store that allow you to directly upload Flickr photos. It was an injury which seemed to have filled with Pushr app. It allows you to select and then edit a lot of Flickr photos options. It allows users to edit the name, description, privacy option and tags of the Flickr photo before you could up load it to the Flickr account.

4) Tuneln Radio
Multitasking has come to the basket of IPhone 4 by which you can listen to the online radio while you do some of the business works. You can also run various apps like emails, games, etc. simultaneously. It has cost of £1.19.

5) Real Racing
Real Racing iPhone

Gaming has never been such joyful in palm. Your iPhone bring gaming to live. Adding more to excitement is the Real Racing Gaming App. It has been updated according to the iPhone 4. This racing game will make you jump out of your seat. It costs around £2.99.